and then there was bling.

So I suppose this serves as an introduction of sorts.  I’ve now got a website for rootielicious and the bling that accompanies me.  What does rootielicious stand for?  What does it mean?  Why does bling go along with it?  These are all very good questions.  Rootielicious is a nickname derived from my last name, Rootvik.  My boyfriend, having a natural tendency to give nicknames to any and all individuals, came up with the nickname rootielicious for me.  And it stuck. 

I’ve been making jewelry on my own for a few years.  It started as a hobby in college and was a great way to provide myself and my friends with some fun, unique jewelry styles.  I started selling a little, here and there, and the more I explored my creative side, the more inspired and possibly addicted I became.  Pretty soon I couldn’t wait to get home from work, grab a quick bite to eat, and sit down with my ‘toys’ and see where my creativity would take me.  As with any passion, the more I fueled it, the more it grew.  Pretty soon I needed a name for my jewelry line, and rootielicious seemed to fit.   Rootielicious was born… and then there was bling.  Because bling is natural.  

I hope you enjoy the website.  I’m quite new at this, so have patience and check back often.  There will soon be photos, updates, more stories, and lots of rootielicious bling.

Happy February!

3 Responses to “and then there was bling.”

  • amy Says:

    Hey, are you going to announce the Bling & Wine event for the 8th of February?

  • cameron libby Says:

    how does one like myself purchase fine rootielicious jewels from my hometown of Anchorage, ak????

  • heidi Says:

    Cam, I don’t currently have anything listed on Etsy, so for the time being, if you want to email me with any ideas of what you might like (colors, styles, etc.) , I’d be happy to make something and send them your way! Also, check out my rootielicious facebook page, as it typically has the most current photos and if you see anything you like, let me know! Hope you guys are doing well. Love you!

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