I love to work with my hands. I always have, and I probably always will. I remember being a little girl and taking apart twist-ties so that I could use the wire part to do beading projects. I always had a tendency to try and figure things out on my own, experimenting with different methods and trying to find a way to make what I wanted. I guess that’s how I stumbled into making jewelry. During college I worked at a small boutique in my hometown and sold the beautifully handcrafted jewelry of the two owners. While admiring their skills on a daily basis, I began playing and experimenting more on my own. And that lead to my passion for creating unique and thoughtful jewelry. I would like to think of my jewelry as very organic, and natural, which is why I prefer to work with precious and semi-precious stones. However, I also enjoy using other materials, such as found objects, parts of old jewelry pieces, and anything else that really catches my eye. As I continue to explore and expand my knowledge and skills, I hope to continue to share this passion and the resulting products.