Oct 22 2010

stolen time

I love unexpected surprises, when things you had planned suddenly change. Maybe not for the better, not for the worse, just a change in plans. One of my best friends and I used to call it ‘stolen time’, when we suddenly had extra time together that neither of us had planned for. Usually this was because she would notoriously miss her flight back home, and we would get an extra day together, thus ‘stolen time’. I am experiencing this today, as Stacy and I were planning to go to Seattle to see a show tonight, and shortly before we were about to hit the road, we found out the dates had changed and the show was actually last night. Oops! And hurray! Suddenly I found myself with a completely free extra day, a day in which I can do absolutely anything I want! Already I have been quite productive with my rootielicious jewelry (new jewelry at Liberty today!), I’ve taken Hank on a walk, had an impromptu coffee date with a dear friend, have run errands with Stacy (with Hank in tow), and it’s not even 5pm! I am so thankful for some ‘stolen time’, indeed!